Students who chose Virtual/Remote school in the fall will remain in that placement at this time.  If we have additional space based on social distancing and you are requesting a change from virtual/remote to traditional/in person, you will be notified the week of March 15th.

Masks are required but uniforms are not!!!

Click this link on "how to " view your choice you made in the Fall of 2020.



Return to learn schedule for students


Thank you to the Special Education Department, Harrison Elementary, McKinley Elementary, Carrie Gosch ELC for your Orange acknowledgments!

We appreciate the Orangeness!

Tech Team - Making Everyone Happy, One Chromebook at a Time

Things are always changing, so please READ our important information in regards to school

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SafeSchools Staff Training

Safe School Staff Training

We are tracking trainee completion of courses using the SafeSchools Vector Web-Based Portal; so there is no need to send human resource your certificates, 

You can print and keep for your records and Professional Growth Points (PGP)

Remember your Log-In is scec, a zero (0) and employee number; e.g. scec012345 

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