Our Mission

Our main goal is improving the academic achievement of low-income students, and ensuring all children have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education through the following:

1.  High-quality Academic Assessments and Interventions,
2.  Teacher Training, and
3.  Providing supplemental instructional materials that are aligned with the challenging State Academic Standards.


Supporting Education for Homeless Children and Youth

McKinney-Vento children and youth experiencing homelessness have the right to a free and appropriate public education.

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McKinney-Vento District Plan 2021.pdf



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A Parent Guide to Rights of Homeless Children.pdf

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Student Information Spanish.pdf

Foreclosure Brochure.pdf

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IDOE McKinney-Vento Complaint Procedures.pdf

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Parent Complaints

1.  The School Board recognizes the teacher's lawful status of in loco parentis.
2.  Each school shall have signs posted near each entrance informing visitors that they must register in the office.  This shall be enforced at all times.
3.  Whenever a parent has a complaint against the actions of any teacher, the principal shall inform the parent of the procedures set forth in this section and arrange a conference between the parent, teacher, and principal during the teacher's preparation period, except that principal may call this conference immediately if deemed necessary.
4.  Should the conference including the superintendent or a designee, principal, and the teacher, only after the parent has made a final request in writing.  This request is to be submitted to the principal in triplicate, who will forward copies to the superintendent and the teacher.  The principal and teacher will submit their views of the incident in writing, as shall the parent.
5.  If the complaint is still not resolved after a meeting with the superintendent or a designee, the parent may request a conference with the Board and all the other parties.  Under no circumstances will the Board receive charges against a teacher by name in its public meeting.
6.  The Board shall hear both sides in private session and make its decision within ten days.
7.  If the Board decides that the teacher was acting properly in the performance of his/her duties, and the parent carries the case to a court of law, the Board will, upon request, provide the teacher with legal representation.
8.  The Union reserves the right to have a representative sit in or any of the above meetings if the teacher so desires.