Device FAQs

Student Devices

Chromebook/IPAD Property
The use of a school issued Chromebook/IPAD (device) is a privilege and all users with that privilege have no expectation of privacy in email, data on Google Drive, network communications, internet use, video recording, and all other technologies available on or through the device.
Devices remain the property of the School City of East Chicago and all users understand that their use of the devices can and may be strictly monitored electronically or otherwise by school district personnel at any time.

Lost or Damaged Devices
Lost Chromebooks are the responsibility of the student; loss is not covered by the School City of East Chicago. Repair and replacement costs must be paid in full by the parent/student on a per incident basis.

Lost or Missing Device

  • $250 Chromebook replacement cost
  • $500 IPAD replacement cost

Damaged Screen

  • $50 fee for Chromebook screen replacement
  • $75 fee for IPAD screen replacement

Damaged Keyboard

  • $30 fee for Chromebook keyboard replacement
  • $25 fee for IPAD keyboard replacement

Lost or damaged Charger

  • $35 fee for a Chromebook replacement charger
  • $35 fee for an IPAD replacement charger

Lost or damaged Hotspot

  • $99 fee for a hotspot replacement

Damaged Chromebook Camera

  • $20 fee for replacement

Devices that are missing, broken, or fail to work properly must be brought to the main office and a form must be filled out for the damaged or lost devices. Parent will be required to sign the form and pay replacement fees if needed. If a loaner device is requested, one may be issued to the student until their device can be repaired or replaced based on parent and/or principals approval.