Guidance Counselors

Central High School’s counseling program recognizes the individual needs and aspirations of each student. In order to help each student reach his or her individual goals, counselors meet periodically with students to help them develop and implement a career plan.

Counselors are available to assist students and parents in educational planning and career decisions. 

Stephanie Drayton-GI-through O

Lali Rosala-A through GE

Patricia Tucker-P through Z  


The Guidance Department works collaboratively to provide a comprehensive developmental counseling program to all Central students. The goals are:

  • To assist students in successfully navigating the high school process while helping to prepare them for post-secondary options
  • To advocate for students by acting as liaison to all academic departments, school services and the community
  • To provide academic advising, career and post-secondary guidance, and personal/social support to all students

Individual Planning

  • To meet with students on an individual basis to create and monitor a four year academic plan for high school
  • To meet with students individually to explore post-secondary options
  • To meet with students individually for personal and social issues

Guidance Curriculum

To meet with students and parents in small and large groups on a variety of topics, including:

  • Career Exploration  
  • Academic Planning
  • College Application Process

Responsive Services

To work with students — both individually and in small groups — in response to a variety of academic, emotional and personal/social needs, thus providing opportunities for students to develop coping skills and compensatory strategies