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Adult Education

For questions or registration, talk to the Adult Education Director by calling (219) 378-7310 or sending an email to

GED/Diploma Information

If you are a former Adult Education student who needs a copy of their GED, please visit

The adult basic education program provides instruction in reading, writing, and mathematics that will assist in preparation for achieving a passing score on the HI-SET Assessment. You will be given an individual assessment to determine exactly what you need to study to pass the assessment. Based upon the results, your instructor will prepare a specific learning plan designed to help you achieve your goals. You will be able to study at your own pace with the help of an instructor…all in a supporting and friendly environment for adult learners.

Adult Education classes focus on the basic academic skills of reading, writing, critical thinking, and problem solving and offer small-group, whole-group, and individual instruction. A multisensory approach incorporates different learning styles. Classes are offered at no cost. You must be an Indiana resident to receive services. Ask us about these opportunities.

We also offer a free Paraprofessional Certification class. This course is designed to prepare students to take the Paraprofessional Certification exam. Students must already have a high school diploma or GED/HSE and be over 18 years old. You must be an Indiana resident to receive services. Ask us about these opportunities.

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A chance for every adult to advance in career and life

Classes are held mondays & wednesdays from 4:30-7:30 pm in person at east chicago central high school