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Success Stories

Jakwan - success story

Jakwan is a graduate of East Chicago Central High School. He went through the Paraprofessional Program through our Adult Education Program and is now employed at Block Middle School as a Paraprofessional. Jakwan is extremely positive and hardworking. He is very polite, has a positive outlook on things, and worked hard to achieve his goal. He states that “This program impacted my life due to the opportunity that was available, meeting new people, and learning from my mistakes.”

When asked what advice he would give to others, he said “The advice I have for those who have struggled or are dealing with finding their purpose is to not give up on themselves, learn from your mistakes, keep striving to change for the better and continue to believe in yourself. Nonetheless, understand that anything is possible just apply yourself and use your mind.” Jakwan plans to attend college and work towards his teaching degree and continue to give back to his community.