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Project Second Start


About the program

This program is to inform our East Chicago Families, Parents and Guardians of the importance of each child being in school everyday and on time.  If a child misses 10-days of School, the Parent/Guardian will receive a citation and would have appear in front of a Judge.  Our goal as an effective truancy prevention program is to promote attendance, engage students in learning, help students achieve, intervene early and provide supports where needed.

Attend TODAY. Achieve TOMORROW 

Truancy Policy

The policy of the School City of East Chicago is in compliance with the Indiana Department of Education's attendance policy which requires each student to be in attendance at school 95% of the school year. Therefore, students are only allowed to miss nine (9) days in one school year. This includes BOTH excused and unexcused absences.

Excused absences are defined as absences that the School City of East Chicago regards as legitimate reasons for being out of school. Excused absences are as follows:

  • Excused medical
  • Parent note
  • Verified absences (Bereavement, court, etc.)
  • Sent home by nurse
  • Military connected families (e.g. absences related to deployment and return)

Per our handbook, any absence other than for reasons listed above is counted as an unexcused absence.

** No more than three (3) parent notes are allowed. **


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Steps in our Truancy Program