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Special Education

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Bureau of Developmental Disabilities  


Welcome to the School City of East Chicago's Special Education Department!  

East Chicago Schools believe that all students can learn, but the path to excellence is different for each child. This is particularly true of the children who come to us with special needs.

Several programs provide the help these children need to make the most of their educational experiences and reach their full potential. Children with mental, physical and emotional handicaps as well as learning disabilities receive support from Special Education Services.

Our mission is to provide individualized services to meet the students specific needs. Services are offered for pre-school through 12th grade and in some cases, to age 22. Support for each learner is grounded in the Individualized Educational Plan (IEP), and may range from assistance in the general education classroom, to direct instruction in special education classes.

Tamara Pol, Director of Special Education

Working with Paraprofessionals : A Resource for Educators of Students with Disabilities

The following document was created as a resource to assist educators in their understanding of how to best utilize a paraprofessional in the classroom.

Click HERE to download and view "Working with Paraprofessionals"

Paraprofessionals can be A FANTASTIC HELP to our students, and it's important for us to set up A POSITIVE RELATIONSHIP and ensure success - Shannon Lauffer

The Impact and Importance of Special Education

Special education is an integral part of the total educational enterprise, not a separate order. In any school system, special education is a means of enlarging the capacity of the system to serve the educational needs of all children. Below you will find information and materials designed to help you understand the importance and impact of special education on the lives of students, parents, teachers and administrators.