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Assistive Technology is any device, piece of software, equipment or tool that helps people with disabilities improve, maintain or increase their functional capabilities. Essentially, what tools and software help you do, what you want to do more quickly, easily or independently. Although Assistive Technology has traditionally been developed for people with disabilities, the applicability of much of this technology has been found to be useful to almost all of us at some point throughout our lives.

Approximately 75% of college students with a disability who would qualify for Assistive Technology, don’t know what Assistive Technology is and don’t know there are tools and programs available to support them prior to starting college. Students who have access to these tools and resources prior to starting classes, feel more prepared for their classes, the work, and tasks required of them in a college setting. With this preparedness and training on these technology tools comes increased confidence towards and a more positive outlook on one’s college career.

Available Programs

 Sensory Regulation Activities & Breaks
ADHD Program  
Hearing Impaired Program
Visually Impaired Programs