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2-Hour Delay Bus Schedule
Buses will begin pick up at the same locations as normal but different times:
  • Pre-K at 10am
  • Elementary at 9:20am
  • Middle school at 10am
  • High School at 8:50am

Contact Us

SCEC Transportation 
211 East Columbus Drive
East Chicago, IN 46312
Office: (219) 391-4175



School Bus Safety Video

Bus Drivers

Drivers will make every effort to maintain appropriate student behavior on the bus. When these efforts are no longer effective, the driver will submit a written referral to the Transportation Director.  Written referrals will be reviewed by the Transportation Director and sent to school administrators. 

Welcome to the School City of East Chicago Transportation Department!

The School City of East Chicago Transportation Department is dedicated to providing students and staff the safest and most efficient means of transportation possible.

Report a Stop Arm Violation

We encourage everyone to report Stop Arm violations, as doing so helps us keep students safe as they travel to and from school.  Click here to report a stop arm violation.

Bus Safety

Parents, guardians, and legal custodians are prohibited from boarding and/or riding a school bus without prior permission or Administration approval. Students are to arrive at their assigned bus stop at least five (5) minutes prior to the scheduled arrival time of the bus. Parents, guardians, and legal custodians are to regulate their children’s arrival so that it will not result in a long wait.  Parents, guardians, and legal custodians are expected to know bus rules and procedures and support the school in effective enforcement.  Parents, guardians, and legal custodians must accept responsibility for student behavior at the bus stop. Where a large number of students are assigned to a stop, parents are expected to share supervision responsibilities.

Suspension of bus privileges does not mean suspension from school. Parents, guardians, or legal custodians are required to transport their students to school in the event of a suspension of bus privileges. Lack of attendance will be considered truancy.

Bus Rules & Consequences

*These rules and regulations will apply to any trip under school sponsorship.  Any infraction of the above rules and regulations will result in the driver proceeding with the steps listed under “Consequences” below.